“There is no doubt that by using his extraordinary natural and highly developed gifts can he best serve his country, human culture in general”

Tibor Varga

“...I am very glad I had the opportunity to listen Live to Lihay and his violin which has a sound like no else. This night was a victorious night of beauty and the light of sound”

Lidija Bozic, National Radio Television of Serbia, 2019

“... admirable soloist Lihay Bendayan. His precision, his virtuosity and his technique were unanimously appreciated by the fully attended church… during the vast cadenzas and the dialogue with the orchestra Lihay Bendayan was admired for his extraordinary musicality, his delicatessens…”

Alsace Guebwiller Journal, 2018

“...This ensemble has the particularity of being composed by three brothers and the osmosis between them gives to their performances a particularly special depth”

Le Nouvelliste, 2006
about bendayan trio

“... the virtuosity of the interpretation, and the intensity of the emotion. Nor notes, but a river of feeling which are difficult to express by words”

Revue Juive no. 2, 2006

“The public in a trance”

Grafschafter Nachrichten, 2005

“...Played with heart and soul into a trance…”

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 2005

“...Their Shostakovich was so beautiful that tears almost dropped...”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2004
about bendayan trio

“Bravo!... a talent too rare…”

Revue Juive no. 5, 2004