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“There is no doubt that by using his extraordinary natural and highly developed gifts can he best serve his country, human culture in general”

Tibor Varga

Prof. of Violin and chamber music, Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

He previously held the positions of Dean of the Faculty of Performing arts at JAMD and Prof. of Violin at HEMU, site of Sion, in Switzerland. In parallel with his concert activity he is frequently invited to give master-classes at prestigious universities all around Europe and international master-courses including the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the Royal Academy of Music KMH in Stockholm, the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, the Hamburg and Würzburg Hochschule in Germany, the Faculty of Music at the University of Belgrade, the Cracow Academy of Music, the London Masterclasses series, the Bavarian Academy of Music in Hammelburg, the Musicalta academy in France, Ameropa music festival in Czech-Republic and others.

He is also a faculty member at the EON (EugeneOnMusic) International Music Academy in South Korea and ‘Master Teacher’ at ‘iclassical-Academy’ where he presents his innovative course called  ‘Master Your Violin’.

Opening a new class!

Starting in January, Lihay will teach at Kalaidos University in Switzerland. More information coming soon!

the strad

Technique: Developing a controlled vibrato

“This night was a victorious night of beauty and the light of sound"

Alsace Guebwiller Journal

Embrace your stage fright, practice your performance

Performance anxiety may seem like an undesired partner in our lives as musicians performing live on stage. We might view stagefright as an inevitable part of the “job” or a constant factor to contend with during the long journey to becoming a professional concert musician…

Can We Unlock the Secrets of Virtuosity?

In relation to playing an instrument, and in particular in violin playing, virtuosity refers to brilliant technique and the capability to perform the most technically demanding repertoire. A “virtuoso” (from Latin “virtuosus” meaning “good, virtuous”) is an extremely skilled violinist possessing exceptional technique…

무대 공포증 

무대에서 라이브 공연을 하는 뮤지션에게 무대 공포증은 원치 않는 파트너다. 무대 공포증을 “일”을 위해 불가피한 부분 또는 전문적인 콘서트 뮤지션이 되기 위한 긴 여정 동안 끊임없이 싸워야 할 부분으로 여길 수도 있다. 우리는 대중 앞에서 « 한번의 라이브 연주 »를 위해 매우 열심히 연습한다. 음악은 이러한 긴 연습 시간을 통해서만 생명력을 가질 수 있다. 그러나 그 연습이 성공적인 연주로 이어진다는 보장은 없다. 이 두가지는 무대 공포증이 매우 일반적인 이유에 대해 설명해주는 많은 원인들 중 일부일 뿐이다…

bendayan trio

Master your Violin

Head of the Violin Class at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and former student with Miriam Solovieff, Ilona Feher, and Tibor Varga, shares with you his insides, tips, and tricks on violin technique and interpretation, so you’ll become a true Master of the Violin!

The course is divided into 7 Chapters, including 5 high-precision technical in-depth texts for performers and 24 video lessons with close-up demonstrations of practicing methods techniques.

New section available - Master your vibrato

Prof. Bendayan offers you a 10% discount on his « Master your Violin » course.

Use promo code LIHAY10 when checking out your purchase.